EASA Welcome in Flying Academy

  • Instructor: Alexander
  • Lectures: 11
  • Quizzes: 3
  • Duration: 10 weeks
Welcome to Flying Academy!
Your path to your professional aviation career begins here
with industry professionals that are ready to guide you throughout
the whole process.
A great number of international students from all over the world
who choose our training center are proof of our quality training
and highly effective work.
We like to think that we are a community of strong individuals who
are gathered together, thanks to our biggest passion – flying.
Our team of professionals will always be here for you and we will try
to satisfy all of your requests. We will take every step necessary
to lead you to your Pilot License together, with a full sense of respect
and acknowledgement of your needs and preferences.
Please take the time to read the information contained
in the Welcome packet, as it will help you throughout your training.
I wish you happiness and success on your journey of becoming
a pilot!