Frequently Asked Questions related to the current situation with COVID-19 disease in the Czech Republic.

Is Flying Academy open and operating?

Yes, both bases are open and operating with normal operating hours

Please note that both LKTB and LKLT airport restricted the access to the airport only for people with their nose and mouth covered (by a face mask, scarf, etc.) at all times.

Can I proceed with my training in the current situation ?

Yes, based on the government decision, flight training is not affected by current restrictions. You may proceed with all dual flights (towards any licence) and PIC/Solo time building for 0-ATPL and ATPL Integrated programs. Maximum number of people on board (POB) was restricted to 2 for any flight. 

Recreational and hobby flights are forbidden at this time.

Can I come to school anytime or study in school?

 Although there are NO positive or confirmed tests for ANY of the FA employees or students,  we want to minimize chances of possible disease spread. Therefore, please come to school only for scheduled flights or appointments. Study rooms in school are temporarily closed.

How can I contact school officials?

Do not hesitate to use our standard channels:

We are also preparing new communication channels for You, where current info will be published. Please check for the latest news.

I want to book a flight or ground lesson at Flying Academy, what should I do?

For flights, use the regular booking process via flight / ground request form, which can be found here:

Ground school lessons have been temporarily suspended. We are preparing an online solution for ground lessons not to hinder your studies during this time.

My visa is about to expire / I am in the process of Visa extension, what should I do?

Foreigners, who were legally on the territory of the Czech Republic at the moment of the declaration of the state of emergency (March 12th, 2020), may continue to remain in the territory for the duration of the state of emergency without any need to resolve their residency status issues. See detailed information on Ministry of the interior website:

I have booked theoretical exams at the CAA / My 18 - months period is about to expire, what should I do?

Starting from 16.3.2020, CAA of the Czech Republic has canceled all theoretical exams until further notice. Director of flight section a the CAA, Mr. Matousek has confirmed that these canceled exams will not be counted and applicants whose 18-months period is about to expire will be given exceptions. Monitor News section of CAA website for updated info:

I need to have my license issued or have other dealings with the CAA, what should I do?

The CAA is open only on Monday and Wednesday from 9:00 – 12:00 AM and only for people who have an appointment booked.

What does the state of emergency mean to me as a foreign student who is currently present in the Czech Republic?

There are some restrictions for people gathering at closed premises, pubs and gyms are closed. However grocery stores, pharmacies and public transportation work normally. You are allowed to shop groceries, travel with public transport to school for a flight or go to the park for a walk without any restrictions. 

Please distance yourself socially from other people.


What should I do to minimize the chance of being infected ?

Follow the rules of personnel hygiene, wash your hands multiple times during the day. Use hand sanitizer or other disinfection, if available. Use face masks or respirators, if available to you. Eat and sleep well. Avoid gathering in large groups of people, minimize contact with unknown people.

What should I do if I feel unwell ?

If you feel unwell, do not go to school, but please contact us to inform us about the situation. Contact Nonstop hotline of the National Institute of Public Health: 

  • + 420 724 810 106  and 
  • + 420 725 191 367 

to coordinate further actions. Until you obtain instructions from the Public Health Office, try to minimize contact with others.

Thank you for understanding and Stay safe,

Flying Academy Team

Please see below for information regarding the COVID – 19 virus in the United States.


We would like to let you know that all SEVIS students are exempt from doing 22 hours a week and we sincerely advise you take this time off and self isolate in the meantime. We will update you on your attendance policy once we get confirmation that it is safe to return to the normal schedule.


Students and customers that are on our flight schedules either scheduled for a flight lesson or a ground class will be permitted to come to school only. If you are not on the schedule we request you to please stay at home and refrain from all large social gatherings, parties, concerts and beaches. We advise you to also stay at home and use this time to study at home. If you have questions in regards to your lessons, please speak with your assigned instructor and they will set up a session with you to clear your doubts.


We truly apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused, but precautions are to be taken and we are doing our best to help serve you better.


For All International Students that would like to return to their home country, please make sure you check with the airlines and your home country to see if they are permitting travelers into their borders before booking your tickets. Once you get confirmation, please speak to your DSO/PDSO for more details regarding your I-20’s.