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Internal reporting is vital for pilots to communicate safety concerns within their organization. It helps address issues promptly, ensuring safer flights for all. By actively participating, pilots contribute to a culture of safety and continuous improvement. Safety is everyone’s responsibility, and your reports help identify potential hazards before they become accidents. So, don’t hesitate to speak up and report any safety concerns you encounter during your flights. It’s a proactive step towards making the skies safer for all.
More information on safety is available on the LMS. You can access specific details for EASA here and for the FAA here. Please note that this information is not publicly accessible and requires sign-in to view.


As pilots, complying with mandatory reporting laws is crucial for ensuring aviation safety. By promptly reporting incidents, pilots help authorities investigate and address potential hazards, preventing future accidents. Remember, mandatory reporting is not only a legal obligation but also a responsibility to uphold the highest standards of safety in aviation. By fulfilling this duty, pilots play a key role in maintaining the integrity and safety of the airspace.