When I try to sign in, it asks for login with the flyingacademy.com domain, so it is probably a question of privacy settings?

Unfortunately, the settings do not allow you to post into the group. However, it serves its purpose and you will receive all group notifications by email. We apologize for receiving these emails prompting you to join, but we are unable to turn them off. 

Is this the Google Group where we will find assignments for us?

No, you will find your assignments in Google Classroom.

When is the next Air Law (Performance, Meteorology…) lesson going to be?

 The schedule will be published soon in the Calendar.

I am trying to join but someone needs to accept my request to join. Is it okay?

Yes. The instructor will accept your requests to join the meeting.

Is there going to be some assignment, homework?

Yes, you need to set up a Gmail account to fully use the Classroom features.

Will the classes be scheduled according to the stages of the PPL syllabus or randomly?

For example: if a person is going with his Stage 2 and the class scheduled is of Navigation or some other topic of Stage 3, then what should be done? – So far you can join any lesson scheduled, no matter if it is a part of Stage 3 and you are still in Stage 2, for example. 

I have finished theory already, but thinking to review with online lessons... Can I still join without any charge?

Yes! Let us know which course you are interested to join.

I didn’t really get how to join these online lessons. Is there any timetable for them?

You will be receiving invitations to Google Classrooms by email, and we will be also sharing the joining information in WhatsApp groups every evening (around 5-6 PM CET). We are working on the schedule right now; however, in every invitation, you will see the detailed info about the upcoming class and its content