Important Information

Dear airport users,
capacity of the MCTR Kbely will be limited every weekend and public holidays due to staff shortages during July and August.
Unfortunately, we got this information at the last minute and were unable to respond in time and prepare alternative options, even though we worked intensively.
From Saturday 3.7.2021 until Tuesday 6.7.2021 (incl.) the following restrictions will apply at LKKB:
  • The number of departures from TRAGA LT to MCTR LKKB will be limited to 5 (five) departures per hour (:00 to :59).
  • The number of arrivals will not be limited.
  • Combined flights may not be permitted for the transition to IFR within the LKKB MCTR
Solution in case of refusal of entry into the MCTR LKKB:
  • For the flights from or inside TRAGA to the G-class area, one alternative unpublished exit and entry point is available via the village of Veleň (more precisely, the center of the village of Mírovice).
  • This point is in close proximity of the flight circuit and also the village of Vinoř and conflict situations may arise here. Therefore, I would appeal to the observance of phraseology, and in the case of using the unpublished exit and entry point Veleň, to pay special attention.
  • When arriving via Veleň, please report on the frequency 120,335 at least 3 minutes before.
  • It is necessary to fly over this point really with geographical accuracy and therefore there is a great risk of conflicting traffic in the opposite direction. Please try to fly over this point in “shuttle” with regard to the operating situation.
  • Pilots of faster aircraft, such as the SR22, should adapt their speed to the surrounding traffic to ensure safety.
  • The route Borek – Polerady – Veleň is parallel to the route Mike – Vinoř and the ideal height is 1800ft AMSL.
  • I recommend you to use the possibility of departure / arrival via the point Veleň only in the case of perfect local geographical knowledge, in order to prevent violation of CTR LKPR, LKKB or LKVO.
  • Instructors are asked not to send students to solo assignments for the circuit (ie, to Mike and back to LKLT) during these restrictions.
  • Persons providing information to the known LKLT operation will record the number of flights in each hour and inform the pilots.

During the this extended weekend we will do our best for the flow of air traffic and I firmly believe that together we will find the ideal solution to this limitation for the rest of the summer. At the same time, we started negotiations to expand TRAGA LT towards Brázdim.
Thank you for your understanding and have a nice day!