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A golden age for the L 410? We visited the Aircraft Industries factory

March 16, 2024

After the outbreak of war in Ukraine, Aircraft Industries and with it the future of the L 410 and its new generation was in jeopardy. But the company was taken over by the Czech group OMNIPOL, and the former LET Kunovice thus became a purely Czech company again after 14 years. Watch with us how an iconic aircraft of world character is born in Kunovice.

Aircraft production has a long history in Kunovice. Already in 1936, the AVIA Letňany branch was opened here, and in the 1950s the first airplanes began to take off. After the Soviet version of the Yak-11, in 1957 came the take-off of the first purely Czechoslovak aircraft, the L-200 Morava. The iconic machines L-29 Delfín, Z-37 Čmelák or L-13 Blaník followed. In short, the credo “Air is our sea” has always been followed in Kunovice.

All these machines were mostly known in our region. Because of this, the one from 1969, bearing the designation L 410, literally flew all over the world. Its versatility, operational characteristics and durability have made it a legend in 55 years. The 400 is suitable even for the most demanding terrain, where the infrastructure we are used to at regular airports is missing. Desert, gravel or snow, the L 410 aircraft will take off from everything, and at very short distances.

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