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AI-driven Solutions

June 14, 2023 Artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing various aspects of aviation, from predictive maintenance to pilot training. Predictive maintenance, powered by AI, helps airlines save costs in the long term by predicting equipment failures before they occur. More than a century after the invention of the autopilot, aerospace engineers are still working to bring

Industry Giants Taking the Lead

October 6, 2023 Airbus A350-1000 widebody airliner has successfully achieved fully autonomous taxi, takeoff, and landings in a series of test flights. On the other hand, Boeing conducted flight tests for five jets that were autonomously flown by artificial intelligence (AI). Major players in the aviation industry, such as Boeing and Airbus, are also investing

Volocopter announces German ATO for eVTOL training

February 5, 2024 In an industry-first, Volocopter, the designer of the VoloCity electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft, has announced the certification of a training centre in Germany. The German Federal aviation office, Luftfahrtbundesamt, has certified Volocopter Air Services to train pilots for its future products. The company is the first electric take-off and

AERO Friedrichshafen 30th anniversary event to promote sustainable aviation

Mar 12, 2024 The annual AERO event, held each year at Friedrichshafen in southern Germany, is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year and one of the key topics for 2024 will be sustainable aviation. Europe’s largest General Aviation event will be focussing on sustainable aviation fuels, new propulsion systems, new energy sources and new aerodynamic concepts. On

British Airways Speedbird Self-Sponsored applications open

February 22, 2024 British Airways’ (BA) latest route to the flight deck has launched, in the form of the Speedbird Self-Sponsored Pathway, rebranded from the previous: Newly Qualified Pilot Pathway. Guy Bowen, a member of BA’s pilot recruitment team and himself a 787 pilot said in a LinkedIn post, “This new pathway will help provide

Air Greenland places Christmas order for an A330neo

#A330neo @AirGreenlandSAS Toulouse, 18 December 2020 – Air Greenland, the flag-carrier for Greenland, is the latest airline to order Airbus’ next-generation A330neo widebody aircraft. The new A330-800 will replace the airline’s aging Airbus A330-200ceo to secure operations linking the Arctic island with Denmark from the end of 2022 onwards and beyond. Air Greenland’s CEO’s Jacob Nitter

NATO Support & Procurement Agency orders an additional Airbus A330 MRTT

@AirbusDefence @NSPA_NATO #A330MRTT Getafe, 28 September 2020 – Airbus has received a firm order for an Airbus A330 MRTT Multi-Role Tanker Transport from OCCAR, Europe’s organisation for the management of cooperative armament programmes.   The order, which OCCAR has placed on behalf of NATO’s Support & Procurement Agency (NSPA), follows the decision from Luxembourg to maximize

Airbus reveals new zero-emission concept aircraft

#zeroe #zeroemissionsday #decarbonisation #sustainability #hydrogen Toulouse, 21 September 2020 –  Airbus has revealed three concepts for the world’s first zero-emission commercial aircraft which could enter service by 2035. These concepts each represent a different approach to achieving zero-emission flight, exploring various technology pathways and aerodynamic configurations in order to support the Company’s ambition of leading


Toulouse, 9September 2020 – Airbus has signed agreements with two airline customers; Frenchbee and SAS Scandinavian Airlines, as well as three Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSP); France’s DSNA (Direction des Services de la Navigation Aérienne), the UK’s NATS and EUROCONTROL to demonstrate the operational feasibility of Airbus’ demonstrator project, fello’fly, for reducing aviation emissions. Inspired by biomimicry, fello’fly is based