Cabin Crew: The core secrets to beat Jet lag

Here, are clear and outstanding core secrets to beat Jet Lag which was revealed by a JetBlue flight attendant in the USA

Jet lag is related to disruption inactivity and a lack of synchronization in the brain cells of two parts of the brain. According to Tim Brierley, He explained that one core thing that can help is tricking your body into understanding the time zone.

He advises that you as a passenger need to see your watch (or mobile phone clock) to the time of your destination.

In his statement, “I always set my watch to the time zone of my destination as soon as I get on the plane also, I find that the fewer reminders I have of the difference in time zone, the better.’’

More Severe Symptoms In Adults Than Children

Basically older person is, the more severe their symptoms will normally be, and the longer it will take for their body clock to get back into sync. Children usually have milder symptoms, and they recover faster from Jet Lag.

Red Wine is the Cure of Everything

Although researchers yet conclude this theory pointed out by the BA ex-pilot who told The Sun: “A couple of glasses helps you to sleep. Red wine is the cure for everything!”

The BA boss added that a doctor once recommended drinking more red wine every day and that Walsh cheekily responded by asking for a prescription for half a bottle.

However, The World Health Organization (WHO) pointed out that drinking alcohol or caffeine during or before the flight may worsen symptoms of Jet lag. For one main thing, these can both add to dehydration as well.

Secondly, you need to understand that the air inside an airplane cabin is drier than natural air at ground level, and this too can worsen symptoms.

American Airlines’ flight attendant, Lauren Bamonte, included that it’s worth trying to make sure you organize a flight that arrives at bedtime.

“When flying transatlantic, try to arrive at bedtime in the destination time zone so you can go straight to bed and more quickly adjust to the new time zone’’

Also, If you need to land during the day then, no matter how tough it may be, try to stay awake until a regular time that evening so you can switch your body clock quickly’’ she told

Acclimatizing to the time zone

More from Tim, the Boston-based flight attendant explained he is able to trick himself into acclimatizing to the time zone of his end destination if he’s in the dark about what time it is at his departure point.

According to him, “There have been times when I have been feeling awesome after a flight, only to look at my watch and realize that it is actually 2 am according to my body clock, which inevitably leads to me realizing how tired I should be, and then I feel tired.”

What Are the Treatments to Jet Lag?

There is no current treatment to Jet lag but some lifestyle adjustments can help minimize the symptoms. Most times, People who keep physically fit, rest properly, and eat a well-balanced diet appear to have fewer and less severe symptoms than someone who is less fit.

How to Prevent Jet lag

In order to prevent jet lag, passengers are advised to keep active during the flight by doing exercises, stretching, and walking along the aisle.

Travelers are advised to use using an eye mask and earplugs and aim for strategic napping. Try to sleep when it is night-time at your destination, and sleep for 20 minutes at a time at other times, to reduce sleepiness

Avoid Drinking Alcohol and Heavy Meals during flight as these increase Jet lag.