CRASH | Bek Air Fokker 100 with Over 90 on Board Comes Down

At least 12 fatalities are reported after a Bek Air’s (a Kazakh airline) Fokker 100 with over 90 people on board lost height and crashed into a building shortly after take-off near the city of Almaty.

The flight Z2100 was scheduled to fly from Almaty to Kazakhstan’s capital city Astana, but according to the authorities of the Almaty airport, the passenger plane lost height shortly after departure, impacted ground, broke through a concrete fence and impacted a building.

Two pilots, both with valid certificates, and three cabin crew were on board, as well as 93 passengers.

The provides that “preliminary last data point received by Flightradar24 19 seconds after take-off was at 2,200 feet“.

The number of fatalities and survivors is still being updated. According to initial statements from the Kazakhstan’s Ministry of Health, at least 15 people were killed, whereas approximately 60 people, including children, were injured and taken to nearby hospitals for treatment.

Later the Interior Ministry corrected that 12 people are confirmed dead as result of the accident (including the initial survivor).

Following the accident, Kazakhstan’s Aviation Committee suspended all the operations of the Bek Air pending the investigation of the crash.

By Karolina Prokopovič


Photo: AP