Flying Academy ATPL Theory block starts on September 24!

Dear pilots,

Let us inform you that the following ATPL Theory 650 Block will start on the 24th of September 2019! Please find the detailed schedule of the course below. Make sure to confirm your attendance on time to; the seats are limited! Please specify, whether it is going to be your 1st or 2nd block.

24.09.2019 Human Performance

25.09.2019 Air Law 1

26.09.2019 Air Law 2

27.09.2019 OFF

28.09.2019 Communication

29.09.2019  Meteorology 1

30.09.2019 Meteorology 2

01.10.2019 OFF

02.10.2019 Principles of Flight

03.10.2019 Operational Procedures

04.10.2019 Flight Planning