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Taking a step forward in Bad Vöslau As of 2021, we have decided to bring our pilot training to the vibrant Bad Vöslau! The airport of Bad Vöslau is a popular General Aviation Airport, however, they offer professional services as they are managed by the Vienna Airport. We are currently located in state-of-the-art facilities in


With Flying Academy launching its new base in Van Nuys, it will get busier than ever! Our aim is to give the unique opportunity for future pilots in the US and internationally to train with the best pilots. We have bases around the globe which will give the advantage and the opportunity to train at

How does our Online Pilot Training work?

Our “virtual classroom” platform has helped us to reach out and instruct our students from all corners of the world while continuing to provide top-quality pilot training without any delay. We have successfully taught thousands of students with this modern method of teaching.

How can I do my Time Building in USA?

Flying Academy in Miami and Los Angeles is perfect for time building. The Florida and California climate gives students the opportunity to fly generally 365 days a year. Instructors at Flying Academy are available for checkout flights, questions, and other matters 7 days a week. What are the Time Building entry requirements? Have at least PPL(A) You need to have at

How can I do my Time Building in the USA?

Am I qualified to fly in the USA? ICAO or EASA PPL holder Minimum valid PPL (A) Valid medical Register on How does it work Before arriving flight base: Fill paperwork  Decide which base you like to do the FAA validation with FAA DPE  Attend online preparation course  Learn the differences in phraseology  Learn

Time building in the USA, Jean-Louis flew over snow

I flew with Flying Academy in Miami in July 2017 and in Corona, California in January 2018, flying for 65 hours in total. First off, Flying Academy is a very professional flight school with an undeniable family atmosphere: Lina María, Sandy and Natasha in Miami and Theary, Felicia and Matthew in Corona do a fantastic

Time building in the USA – Experience of Martin

The best solution for me was to fly abroad so I started looking for some options. I found the possibility of flying in the USA. Why the United States? Because there is an enormous number of general aviation pilots and very busy airspaces. Heavy air traffic meant frequent communication, and that was the training I was

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Requirements Training Locations Training Overview Tuition Coverage Join Us Flying Academy EASA Private Pilot License You are now viewing EASA course, to swich to FAA click here. Private Pilot License – EASA PPL (A) is a qualification that allows the holder to fly on single engine piston (SEP) aircraft in visual meteorological conditions (VMC) as


[:en]It’s been my passion since I was a child. It just kept on growing until the day I was sure that yes this is the only thing that I would like to do, and here I am. At Flying Academy right now! I started flying with the flight simulator at the beginning, my first fly