Flying Academy EASA Testing Center

Dear students,

We are thrilled to announce that Flying Academy is now an approved test center for EASA theoretical examinations! We are starting the exams from Thursday, May 7th!

Henceforth, Flying Academy offers a possibility to pass the theoretical exams for PPL, IR CPL, and ATPL levels at the school premises in Prague, all under the Austro Control authority. Exams are held in English and German and take place at Flying Academy Prague base every weekday! It only applies to those students who haven’t started passing theoretical exams for that particular training at the CAA of the Czech Republic (or any member state other than Austria) yet, as you need to pass all your exams under one Authority. However, in case you have already started your exams elsewhere than in Austria and want to complete them as soon as possible, you may still join the examinations at Flying Academy by canceling the ongoing attempt at the CAA of your choice and starting all over again.

Considering the fact that theoretical examinations at the Czech CAA are still suspended, passing the exams at school not only saves your time but also allows you to choose from multiple examination dates.

Please note that there is a limited number of 4 candidates per exam required due to COVID-19 pandemic safety measures! Therefore, do not hesitate to book your seat in time; the seats are limited!

The prices are as follows:

  • PPL theoretical exam: 550 CZK + VAT 21% per subject

  • ATPL (CPL, IR) theoretical exam: 1500 CZK + VAT 21% per subject

For further details and registration please visit Let us know your preferred dates and our team will confirm your booking within the shortest possible period of time, and inform you about the exact time, date, and venue.

Kind regards,

Flying Academy team