Latest news from the Civil Aviation Authority of the Czech Republic

Dear students,

We would like to inform you about the latest news from the Civil Aviation Authority of the Czech Republic. All the updates can be also found here:

The Civil Aviation Authority of the Czech Republic grants an exemption (the Exemption) valid for persons who are applying or who will apply to the Civil Aviation Authority of the Czech Republic (CAA CZ) for an aeroplane or helicopter pilot license issue. It applies, in particular, to the persons who are attending or will attend theoretical examinations and the persons who are applying or will apply CAA CZ for license or rating issue. 

Some of the validity periods of the exemption are given as follows:

  1. When the validity period of the recommendation for taking theoretical knowledge examinations or a certificate on theoretical knowledge examinations for the purpose of license / IR/EIR rating issue ends within the period of 01.03.2020 till 31.07.2020, its validity period is extended until 31.07.2020.
  2. When any of the CPL(A)/(H), IR(A)/(H), EIR, ATPL(A)/(H) and ATPL/IR(H) commenced theoretical examination was inaccessible since 16.03.2020, the maximum time period for the examination is extended by the time period that equals the time period during which the applicant was unable to access the examination. Note: The recovery date of the theoretical examinations is still unknown. Once known it will be published at

The Exemption is granted when any person is not able to meet requirements in the above-mentioned cases in a usual way due to measures having been applied to fight the spread of the COVlD-19 virus, is particularly limitation of movement of persons, access to CAA CZ, operations of training organizations and examiners and when the requirements have been met (for more information please refer to 

Flying Academy suggests checking the CAA website frequently for more updates, as well as the website of the Ministry of Interior, where the latest updates on the COVID-19 pandemic situation in the Czech Republic are available.

We are also very excited to announce that very soon we will open a test center for PPL and ATPL (CPL, IR) at our Prague base, all under the Austrocontrol authority! We will update you this week with more details.

Take care and stay safe,

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