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Dear Pilots”

 I just wanted to touch base with you about a recurring practice on the surface of the airport that is a concern.  I was working Ground Control this morning during a moderately busy time when most of the early morning departures were inbound to land.  As most of the a/c landed and turned off the runway, almost all of them (after being instructed to contact ground control) left the tower frequency and were unreachable, which left them blocking the intersection for the a/c landing behind them.  I’m assuming they were completing their landing checklists which I understand is an important part of the flight process, however the consequence of stopping and not contacting ground in a timely manner is that the following aircraft is unable to exit the runway.  This means that the third aircraft has the potential for a go-around. With student pilots an unexpected go-around can be a very nerve wracking situation and the potential for mistakes and miscommunications is great. 


In the interest of the safety to our users, I believe it is imperative that we stress the importance of contacting ground control as soon as instructed, so that the controller can keep that a/c moving.  It should also be a priority that our ground controllers are keeping the runway exits open and handling the landing a/c as a priority over the departures in a conflicting situation.  I informed all the aircraft that I worked this morning that it would be better for everyone if they contact ground before they start their checklist to avoid any interruption of service behind them, and every pilot I spoke to seemed to understand and agree with our viewpoint.  I encourage you to reach out to our flight schools to brief their pilots as I will brief our controllers so that we are able to create a safer and less conflictive environment for our users. “

Ernie Young
Air Traffic Manager
Tamiami ATCT
Miami Executive Airport
14744 SW 128th Street
Miami, Fl. 33186
T: 305-256-0632, xte. 6017
F: 305-238-2515
E: ernie.young@faa.gov